3D-Printed Portable Robotic Mobile Microscope for Remote Diagnosis of Global Health Diseases

García-Villena, J., Torres, J. E., Aguilar, C., Lin, L., et al. (2021). 3D-printed portable robotic mobile microscope for remote diagnosis of global health diseases. Electronics, 10(19)

Microscopy plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of numerous diseases. However, the need for trained microscopists and pathologists, the complexity of pathology, and the accessibility and affordability of the technology can hinder the provision of rapid and high-quality diagnoses and healthcare. In this work, we present an affordable, 3D-printed, portable, robotic, mobile-based slide scanning microscope. The proposed device is composed of electronic, mechanical, and optical modules operated via smartphone with a control app. The device is connected and fully integrated with a telemedicine web platform, where digitized microscopy images can be remotely visualized and analyzed. The robotic scanner, which has approximately 1-µm resolution, has been evaluated in two clinical scenarios with histology and stool samples. The results showed sufficient image quality for performing a proper diagnosis in all cases under study.