Artificial intelligence

AI platform for image analysis and diagnosis

We help you generate your own Artificial Intelligence algorithms

How does AI help you?


Prioritize the order of samples


Identify parasites and regions of interest


Count and classify cell types

What do you gain?


Time and efficiency when optimizing your processes


Publication in high impact journals


Royalties for the use of this model by third parties


AI library

SpotLab offers a comprehensive platform for the development of AI algorithms to support the diagnosis of various global diseases. For this, we are conducting different clinical studies to validate and regulate them through international standards, generating a library.

This library will have artificial intelligence algorithms for the diagnosis of infectious and hematological diseases, paying special attention to neglected tropical diseases.

AI services tailored to you

We are specialists in developing artificial intelligence algorithms.

We help you automate the analysis of your images and generate diagnostic aid algorithms on demand. We adapt to any pathology to create customized diagnostic support solutions saving costs and time.


Identify areas of interest


Quantify automatically


Prioritize cases and save time

diagnosis AI

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