We help you to generate your own artificial intelligence algorithms



We are specialists in transforming clinical needs into innovative digital solutions.

Our methodology allows us to generate trusted AI-based solutions, assess your needs, identify potential biases to ensure a positive social impact, focus on the system’s usability in real clinical environments, and provide data protection.

We design the technological infrastructure necessary to develop a digital solution tailored to your needs.


We create artificial intelligence models for the analysis of data such as medical images or clinical variables.

We offer an infrastructure for the standardized acquisition and digitization of medical data. If, on the other hand, your data is already digitized, our platform also allows you to incorporate it in order to train artificial intelligence algorithms.

SpotLab follows standardized guidelines to ensure the reliability of the developed algorithms, such as STARD-AI, TRIPOD-ML, or SPIRIT-AI.

Diagnosis AI


We have the ability to integrate our technology into real clinical environments and adapt it to a multitude of scenarios.

At SpotLab we offer Edge-AI systems, deploying the artificial intelligence models directly into our mobile applications allowing them to run in real-time, or integrating them into our web platform allowing clinical users to remotely review the results provided by the AI.