SpotLab contributes technology to GSK’s new innovation programme to digitise bone marrow samples

Jun 1, 2022

Haematological tumours were the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths in 2021. For its detection it is necessary to carry out an effective analysis of the samples in order to diagnose it early. GSK has therefore launched a new bone marrow sample digitisation programme based on SpotLab technology.

The digitisation system is centred on the use of AdaptaSpot, a 3D printed device that converts the conventional microscope into a digital one and allows the acquisition of samples using a smartphone and a foot pedal, connected to a telemedicine platform in the cloud where there will be a shared repository of images with which healthcare professionals can carry out their analyses.

This project facilitates and improves efficiency, accessibility and standardisation in the evaluation of bone marrow samples from patients with haematological tumours. In addition, it can support the development of automated systems based on Machine Learning to improve and make a more accurate diagnosis.

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