Spotlab, the AI platform for medical imaging diagnostics.

what we do

Digital platform

Smartphone-based scanning and analysis system

SpotLab offers a digital ecosystem for medical imaging to reduce costs, time and distances in clinical processes.
Digitize through your smartphone with our devices, manufactured in 3D, to diagnose remotely, share cases, improve the training of your residents or maintain a standardized record of cases of interest.



Its core is the cloud platform to which our medical imaging systems are connected.

Rapid tests

Rapid tests

A web platform that allows the automatic reading of rapid tests (LFA) through smartphones and its centralized registration in the cloud.

AI factory

AI platform for diagnosis

We develop innovative technology in the field of telemedicine.
We digitize medical images for analysis and diagnosis using artificial intelligence algorithms.


AI library

Telemedicine platform connected to the acquisition app that allows the visualization and analysis of images.

AI services

AI services

Our system offers customized solutions to promote remote education and organize diagnostic quality control campaigns.

remote diagnosis
Remote diagnostics
automate and quantify
Automate and quantify
quality control
Quality control
education and research
Education and research

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