Turn any microscope to a digital microscope

AdaptaSpot allows you to connect your smartphone to any microscope to digitize samples for remote analysis.









It allows you to transform any conventional microscope into a digital microscope by using your smartphone to digitize samples through an app and an adapter arm that supports and aligns any phone to the microscope eyepiece.

Designed for all those professionals who use the microscope in their routine and need to digitize and analyze from anywhere and at any time, in a safe, simple and organized way.

access from any device

Accessory: bluetooth pedal

Focus your attention on the sample and the handling of the microscope. Use the bluetooth pedal to capture images with a simple foot movement.

custom system

Customize the system

Decide what data to collect for each sample and order the information according to your needs.

remote diagnosis

Remote diagnostics

Through the cloud platform, diagnose uploaded samples from anywhere. Share cases with other specialists to get a second opinion.

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